Contemporary Masters and Historical Masterworks

Harte International Galleries opens collectors to the exciting contemporary art world while also guiding them through the tradition of acquiring historical artworks. Sifting through the annals of history for the best artists and art works, the gallery has an inventory of original graphics and drawings by artists like Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joan Miro, and even Rembrandt. In addition to artwork by these artists, the gallery also exclusively represents over a dozen carefully selected contemporary artists and estates. Below you will find information about some of the amazing artists of our time, but please visit our Masterworks page for additional information about our historical artworks.

Anthony Quinn



Possibly one of the the 20th century’s great masters, Anthony Quinn’s unquestionable gifts as a performing artist may have unduly overshadowed his accomplishments in the visual arts. As a sculptor, painter, and graphic artist, Quinn created a diverse body of original works – from sculptures in Italian marble to graphics made using stone lithography. Although Quinn passed away a decade ago, his estate still holds a few artworks in its collection. Safeguarded and authenticated by his heirs, these works are periodically released to the public exclusively through the gallery.

The artwork of Anthony Quinn, direct from his estate and with estate authentication, is offered exclusively by Harte International Galleries and available at no other location in the world.

Red Skelton


Red Skelton was born into a circus family on July 18, 1913, in Vincennes, Indiana, two months after the death of his father who had been a clown with the Hagenbach and Wallace traveling shows. Red was raised by his mother, who was in charge of wardrobe and makeup, in the love of the circus people who were to become his first real family, leaving an imprint on him that he would carry throughout his life, bringing happiness and laughter to millions.

Red rose from the circus through the ranks of traveling medicine shows, minstrel and tent shows, Mississippi showboats, vaudeville and radio. He starred in a record breaking 20 years of top ten national television, and over 50 motion pictures. Red also authored over 4,000 short stories and full length books, and composed almost 8,000 musical works, including 64 symphonies played and recorded by some of the world’s finest musicians and orchestras.

Khabuliani Zaza

Zaza Khabuliani was born in the tiny village of Ozurgeti, just inside the border of the Republic of Georgia. As a young man he and his brother Emzar, left their home to pursue their dreams of becoming professional artists. On a journey fueled by Slavic enthusiasm and the youthful belief that everything would work ss

In Tbilisi, just as he had believed, Zaza was given the incredible opportunity to not only study at Tbilisi, but thanks to his tremendous talent, he was able to teach several courses as well. After earning his Master’s Degree from Tbilisi, Zaza set his sights on Moscow, where he exhibited at the renowned Park Kultri Gallery. His work generated compliments from the public and critics alike.

Harold Lustig

Harold Lustig has been an importer and designer of fine table accessories for over 30 years. His latest project has been to perfect a line of optically pure, di-chroic* coated crystal pieces. Even though the crystal is optically pure and colorless the di-chroic finish reflects off of the facets in a variety of colors. The colors will change as you rotate the piece. His contemporary designs have been widely acclaimed by collectors in the US and abroad.
Di-chroic is a finish perfected by NASA for use in the space shuttles. The word comes from the Greek “di” meaning two and “chroic” meaning color.
The layering of the di-chroic finish must be done in a vacuum chamber where an electron beam deposits many microscopic layers of metallic.

Lori Higgins


Self taught and inspired by the Hawaiian Islands, Lori Higgins’s painting the Spirit of Aloha has been among the islands most recognizable images for nearly a decade. Recently, Lori rose to the challenge of taking her vision to three dimensional form. She created a limited edition bronze sculpture after months of practice, trial and error, and commitment to the project. Available exclusively through Harte International Galleries, Higgins’s unique original sculpture is now available to the public.

Marek Langowski

Born in 1958 in Aleksandrow Lodzki, Poland, Marek began his art career back in the 1980’s with oil on canvas. Self taught, Marek found that his love of other artist’s work was his motivation to find his own style. His artistic skills were obvious since youth and he purchased art, as a collector with great enthusiasm as he searched for the imagery that could best express the vision he
had in his mind.

A trip to Venice brought the vision he had been searching for. Before him lay the sea, the sunsets, the architecture that had only existed in his minds eye. A flurry of painting ensued. Marek moved from using the brush to working with a palette knife. His main interest lay in the use of strong composition and design, blending color and texture in his work to bring out a clear emotional response
from the viewer.

Woodrow Nash


In the tradition of the great masters, Woodrow Nash’s consuming passion to elevate the human spirit takes the form of sculptures. He builds a sense of mystery and charisma into each work. Through his pieces, Nash achieves his goal of integrating expression, complex symbolism and sophisticated aesthetics to yield striking embodiments of the human soul and sensuality.
Born in the late 40’s in Akron, Ohio, Woodrow Nash is the product of sanctified churches, 1950’s television images, and black inner city neighborhood schools run by predominantly white middle-class educators. The young student immersed himself in art during an era when artists sought nothing less than old-fashioned honesty in their imagery. As a freelance artist, he painted murals for local institutions, and worked as an illustrator.

Craig Bone

Born in Salisbury, Rhodesia, Craig Bone was trained as a Graphic Artist at The Natal University in South Africa. In 1973, Craig returned to Rhodesia to perform his National Service in the Rhodesian Light Infantry. During this time, he painted vivid scenes of combat and was totally immersed in the war. Craig was severely wounded by a mortar attack, which almost cost him his legs and his life. Subsequently, Craig turned to painting full time. After gaining recognition as an artist, Craig was honored when his painting, Earth, Wind and Fire, was hung in the Pentagon. An important work, it depicts the reality of the Vietnam War and honors the sacrifice of American soldiers.

Today, Craig dominates the art market as one of the most renowned African wildlife artists. Rendering Africa’s magnificent and awe inspiring wildlife, Craig paints large prowling cats in the jungle and herds of grazing elephants on the savannah.

Maxine Bone

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Maxine grew up in the remote farming areas of the country’s heartland. This idyllic existence was cut short by the political turmoil that swept through her country. In her youth, Maxine studied with her sister, Lauren Bone, under the guidance of her father, the world renowned wildlife artist, Craig Bone. While continuing to nurture her inherited artistic gifts, Maxine showcases her love of wild animals in their natural environments in her paintings

Maxine’s remarkable paintings also bare whiteness to her endless love for traveling. While regularly visiting different parts of the world, she constantly photographs more cultures and wildlife for reference. Today, Maxine resides with her husband in North Carolina.

Lauren Bone

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Lauren’s paintings capture the beauty of Africa’s most revered animals. Her works are greatly influenced by early memories in remote areas of her homeland. Taught by her father, the world-renowned artist Craig Bone, Lauren has developed an ultra realistic painting style.
Her breathtaking, photorealistic works have gained the press’s attention, and they were featured on the cover of Thalo magazine. During an interview by the magazine’s staff, Lauren recounted, “What I find the most difficult about creating realistic art is attention to detail; every object in the painting must be given the time and understanding it needs…”

Mark Remling



Although Mark Remling has been painting for over a decade, in a series of recent bold abstractions, he crystallized his artistic vision for the first time. An instant hit with the public, Reming’s new paintings are boldly executed on sleek aluminum surfaces. The smooth metallic backdrops set the stage for bold splashes of paint and dramatic patterns etched and ground onto the surface.

To learn more about the true “Living Metal Master” go to Remling’s website or or even better come to our gallery in Maui and see the real thing!



A bad boy, Rascal was caught creating graffiti too many times, when a judge finally told him enough was enough and encouraged him to paint in earnest. Rascal responded with urban art, full of color and stories of his life. Each painting had meaning special to him and explained the joys of his life, his defeats in love lost and his life in the city.

Art that was unlike anyone else’s, his work began to sell from his New York City loft and the word spread among collectors and celebrities alike. Discovered by our team he now has collectors around the globe. He paints from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and his New York City loft.

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