Ryan Quinn

Harte Marketing

Having grown up amidst the collections and creations of his father, Anthony Quinn, Ryan has been exposed to an eclectic array of art and culture since birth.

At 18 he went to study media production at the acclaimed Emerson College, where, in 1999, his father received an Honorary Doctorate, an Evvy Award and delivered the commencement speech. Specializing in video production, Ryan has taken on many independent projects, including the documentation of notorious Buddy Cianci’s final campaign for Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island in 2014.

After nearly 10 years of practicing his craft and developing much skill and knowledge within media production, Ryan moved to Maui to work with Harte International Galleries, who have represented his father’s art for over 15 years.

Since October 2020, Ryan has implemented his skillset for Harte, doing in-house design, media, and content production for use in the gallery and online. In addition to his digital and creative work, Ryan also assists Devon Harte in the day-to-day workings of the gallery, helping with the cataloguing, installation and selling of artwork. Ryan is truly in his element on the west side of Maui as he’s an avid surfer, explorer and photographer of wildlife and culture. There is no better place for a  man in his early 20’s to develop his creativity and seek adventure than the flourishing coast of Hawaii.