Lee Rylee


A professional sailor and merchant marine, Lee Rylee gravitated to the islands of Hawaii where the ocean, boating and surfing were abundant.

With an eye of an artist and the skill of a businessman, Lee worked early with some emerging artists from Europe, introducing them to galleries in Maui and managing there exhibits. Combining his artistic eye with his love of the oceans and landscapes of Hawaii, Lee began photographing the bountiful beauty around him. Now, collected world-wide, Lee has published many of his photographs of locations far beyond Hawaii and include exotic places like Patagonia and romantic venues like Paris.

Lee now shares his eye for beauty with his many collectors who desire to own masterworks by the likes of Picasso, Miro or Salvador Dali. Knowledgeable, broadly experienced he has worked events with Anthony Hopkins and can share his appreciation for artists from Rembrandt to Rascal.