Larry LaValle


Born in NYC, Lawrence LaValle grew up in the center of the world art scene. Art collectors from around the world would and still do travel to NYC to see the cutting edge in fine art or collect the finest Masterworks money can buy.

Larry has traveled the world and can talk to you about the streets of Paris or river hikes in the Amazon. Settling in Maui over 25 years ago, Larry went back to his roots in art. He has worked intimately with world-renowned Pop Art and has a vast knowledge of the Masterworks. His art experience includes his years of work in Los Angeles with many well-known film productions and extensive research on the history of artists like Rembrandt, Picasso, Chagall and Miro.

In his own words, “Art is life. Art collectors appreciate the history and beauty of owning a fine art collection and being a part of that is the joy of my work.”