Kristen Hendrickson


A true jet setter, Kristen travels between Malibu, Aspen, Paris and Maui with her friends, enjoying skiing one-day and sun bathing the next.

Fun, personable and widely traveled, Kristen brings a unique energy to an art gallery. Also involved in selling real estate in Maui, she has purchased thousands of dollars worth of art for her real estate clients and helped them decorate their multi-million dollar purchases.

Having found that her clients gravitated to Harte International Galleries she decided to try her hand at selling and not just buying. Today she graces the gallery with her upbeat attitude, never-ending smiles and a true love of the art she represents. She has already participated in an Anthony Hopkins birthday event setting records with her Fortune 500 clients and introduced many of her friends and new homeowners to the potential of owning a Picasso, Miro or a Rembrandt.