Kazuki Yamamura

Kazuki Yamamura


Born and raised in Southern California, Kazuki attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. After college Kazuki moved to Oahu with his family and immediately entered the art business as the Operations Manager in charge of logistics. Soon he assisted in sales during events and became an assistant to the Curating Department overseeing restoration, archival framing and international logistics.

Kazuki’s Japanese heritage added to his abilities since he is also fluent in Japanese. He was also widely exposed to business management throughout his life since his father was instrumental in the management and expansion of the widely known Benihana chain of restaurants. As a young boy, Kazuki spent many summers in Japan with his mother and father’s family, exposing him to the Japanese culture on a first hand basis.

Kazuki’s broad range of art experience and understanding of the international market, masterworks curating and the foundational knowledge of authentication makes him a highly qualified consultant for those seeking to build a true fine art collection. Warm, friendly, honest and knowledgeable he also boasts a broad enthusiasm for art of all descriptions.

Kazuki lives in Kihei with his wife and new son, Elliot.