Dan Wall

Dan Wall

Harte Marketing

Born in Michigan, where the temperatures swing from 20 below to 102 degrees, Dan’s family had their heart set on trying out the California sunshine and they moved to La Jolla.  Soon Dan graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Art – a subject he chose resulting from his frequent visits to the art galleries of La Jolla.

With a Fine Art degree in his hand and the desire to see the world, Dan set out to combine his knowledge with his adventurous spirit and working in fine art galleries was the perfect solution. Soon Dan had worked in such auspicious locations as Sedona, Zion National Park, Maui and of course he had to try out his hometown, so he worked in La Jolla too.

Dan’s enthusiasm, education and skills soon got him an offer to be a Gallery Director in Maui and this suited him fine. But spending time with his daughter, Melia in the types of activities that only Maui can offer was important too.  Together, Melia and Dan enjoy surfing, kayaking and when they’re lucky, swimming with sea turtles, spinner dolphins and humpback whales.  Working at Harte International Galleries as a Fine Art Consultant provides him the opportunity to do it all.

Dan is that rare person who combines knowledge with passion.  A devoted father, a consummate professional and a lover of Maui, Dan is just the kind of Fine Art Consultant people love to meet.  He loves his work and it shows.  Come by and meet Dan and let him help you add a new Miro (Dan’s favorite artist) to your collection.