Allen Jackson

Allen Jackson


Allen Jackson traveled the world as a renowned luxury real estate executive, living and even raising his family in exotic locations like Portugal, Spain, Palm Springs and Puerto Vallarta.

Retiring from the real estate industry and looking for a place to hang his hat, Allen move to Maui 25 years ago, where he entered the fine art industry. Allen has worked in fine art sales for all of that 25 years and has consistently been one of Maui’s top fine art consultants.

Allen’s range of knowledge about fine art is remarkable. He has worked with a array of famous artists including Tony Curtis, Anthony Quinn, Red Skelton and he is an expert on the art of Anthony Quinn. His skills extend to the Masterworks where he can explain a Rembrandt or a Picasso as well as he can, a Lori Higgins.

Allen’s stories can mesmerize all who meet him. How could anyone live in as many places as he has and know intimate details about all those cities, but he does? His world travels; his wonderful sense of humor and his voluminous tales of the human spirit will keep you in awe. He’s also a musician and you’ll undoubtedly be invited to one of his “gigs”.