In order to instill our clients with confidence in their important acquisitions, for each work, we prepare a comprehensive package with documentation. This packet includes historical, biographical, and anecdotal information regarding the artwork and artist. Gleaned from our extensive art library of exhibition catalogs, monographs, and catalogue raisonnes, our clients receive all of the relevant expert opinions and published records. Finally, we use these records and opinions to procure Certificates of Authenticity authored by third party specialists. Through these rigorously gathered documents, we provide a level of reference and certification which far exceeds industry standards.

Documents we provide:

Archival Summary of Documentation
While providing a brief description of the artwork, this page summarizes the entire packet and includes a brief list of the documents that follow.

Curator’s Statement
Our full-time Curating Department will write an essay which summarizes some of the important scholarly opinions and historic literature regarding the artwork.

Certificate of Authenticity
In addition, at least one expert will write a Certificate of Authenticity, which will attest to the artwork’s authenticity. As these are issued by a third party expert, it avoids a conflict of interest and instills our clients with confidence.

Excerpts from the Catalogue Raisonne
We will also provide photocopies from the corresponding pages in the official catalogue raisonne. These scholarly reference books, often authored by the artist’s estate or foundation, are invaluable resources for attributing artworks, as their purpose is to identify every piece in the artist’s oeuvre.

Excerpts from biographies, exhibition catalogues, and monographs
In addition to excerpts from the catalogue raisonne, we may also include any additional information from artist’s biographies, scholarly monographs, and museum exhibition catalogues which may be useful, relevant, or interesting to our clients.

Guarantee Certificate
Finally, we will issue a Guarantee Certificate, which outlines the terms for our money-back guarantee.