Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait


Worth the Wait


  • Artist: Scott Cleek
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Hearts Adrift

Door to my Heart

A Little Therapy

Don’t Blink

Putting on the Ritz

Amore A Venzia

Her Little Love

High Spirit

Midnight Masquerade


Tangled Up in Blue

The Wharf

A Special Day

Building Dreams

Chasing Forever

New Horizons

Parisian Dreams

Her Happy Place

Written in the Stars

Partners in Crime

And the Greatest is Love

Two of a Kind

Smooth Finish

Glamour Girl

Day Dreamer

To The Nines

Evening Crush

Endless Possibilities


A Special Something

A Beautiful Bouquet

Saturday Spree

Complex Reds

One Fine Day

A Special Something

Red Hot

Almost Famous

Beach Bliss

Weekend Getaway