Make Way for Bulls and Wind

Make Way for Bulls and Wind


Make Way for Bulls and Wind


We are proud to offer Goya’s enigmatic Make way for Bulls and Wind, which is a bold, striking, and surreal etching of bulls falling in midair. Although no one can agree how to interpret the image, it has delighted and enthralled audiences and experts. Some have seen it as a pure flight of fancy – done strictly for entertainment. It was no doubt inspired by the invention of hot air balloons, as humans were first taking to the sky in Goya’s time. Goya’s surreal image is now in museum collections around the world, and an example recently appeared in the Museum of Fine Art Boston’s exhibition Goya: Order and Disorder. This is a well preserved, richly inked, first edition impression in dark umber ink. It is a fine example of Goya’s unique and strangely modern style that would inspire artists generations later. Call to own this fun, fascinating, and important original etching.

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  • Artist: Francisco de Goya
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