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A father of 4 and a grandfather with 8 grandchildren and an artist for over 50 years, Stephen St. Claire is the developer of an artistic technique he calls Dialuminism. Dialuminism is the word Stephen coined to describe a method of bringing light from within his paintings to the fore, creating and moving light through the multiple layers by embedding naturally illuminating metals as a base, like silver and gold.

His technique uses metal leaf that he embeds in the oil paint and then applies in multiple layers. The reflected light shines through from the glistening metal leaf creating a dimensional painting of extraordinary appearance.

In his own words, “I tried and tried to get a painting that would be lighted from within. When I first layered thin coats of oil paint on top of gold leaf, I knew I had found the answer to my quest. Now I have found even more ways to use metal leaf, both silver and gold, to create the paintings I have striven for all these years.”

Searching for a term to describe his new technique, Stephen was able to compound some basic Greek with English and coin the work Dialuminism – which means, “light passing through”.

Both the Egyptians and the Greeks painted on top of gold but this new technique actually mixes the gold and silver in the various layers as the painting comes to life.

Stephen uses various finishes on his paintings that vary from a high gloss to a simple varnish. Regardless of the finish, you will be amazed at the reflective light that brings your painting to life.

Own a truly unique work by Stephen St. Claire. Paintings of Monet’s garden and Giverny are exclusive to Harte International Galleries along with other selected works.

Morning in the Deep Woods

Memories of Giverny

Still Waters

Dusk on the Water

Song of a Summer Afternoon