Sócrates Márquez

Sócrates Márquez


Sócrates Márquez

Dominican born, Sócrates Márquez brings his works to life by exploring with acrylics, oils, household items and found objects. Making use of bold string-map markings, combined with images and his signature paint-splatter technique, Sócrates artworks invite the viewers to a journey of discovery and self-interpretation within the intentional chaos he creates.

He lives in Harlem, New York having moved to the United States in 1998.

A highly educated and successful businessman in New York’s financial district, Sócrates had a desire to paint the most difficult imagery to master – abstract expressionism. The very fine line between a brilliant abstract artist and a completely failed effort is best illustrated in the
film about Jackson Pollack, entitled “Pollack”. Sócrates has mastered this format as well.
Meet a brilliant and successful man with the name of a philosopher whos art you will want in your home. Exciting and so different from any of our other gallery offerings, the work of Sócrates Márquez is for the most sophisticated collectors.

Harte International is proud to present the art of Sócrates Márquez. Harte International Galleries is the exclusive representative of these original works of art.

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