Scott Cleek

Scott Cleek


Scott Cleek

Genius is the ability to say less and show more. More words, more pages or more paint do not make our efforts more powerful. Creative artistic power is demonstrated when less is more, and no explanation is necessary and when everyone sees some moment of their own life in the colorful strokes of the creator.

A kind heart and a happy soul make this wonderfully talented and hopelessly romantic man, who is Scott Cleek – create paintings of tenderness and romance, like no other artist. Focusing in on the moment love blossoms or the glinting second we laugh with affection for the women that is our whole life – that we love to spoil, or for the women who knows how spoiled she is and gives unconditional love in return – Scott Cleek paints those fleeting moments of passion and endearment.

Skilled and capable of many styles, Scott teaches art as a way of sharing his passion, even as he works diligently on his own creations in simple depictions of tenderness, deep affection and intimacy in a true impressionistic style. Quickly understood by its viewer the art of Scott Cleek makes us smile with recognition. We have been there. We know her. We remember that moment ourselves.

Harte International Galleries is so proud to work with a man of such integrity and kindness. A man who expresses – through his art, the love of a man for a woman, the joy of a relationship, the moment love blooms and the parental love of our child. Scott Cleek is the artist that we seek. He is the artist that not only creates a painting but a feeling.

Collectors take note. This is the art that will bring joy to your collection and love to your heart.

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