Emzar Khabuliani

Emzar Khabuliani


Emzar Khabuliani

Emzar Khabuliani was born on January 2, 1963 in the Republic of Georgia. He finished High school in 1979. As a young man he and his brother Zaza, left their home to pursue their dreams of becoming professional artists. The brothers made their way to the big city lights and the famous art academy of Tbilisi. He graduated Tbilisi Academy of Arts in 1985, and earned his qualification as Artist/designer/painter. Today Emzar’s whimsical, unique and detailed paintings have been collected and showcased internationally, he has sold out shows in Russia and Switzerland. Today we are proud to present the fine art of Emzar Khabuliani, which can be found exclusively at Harte International Galleries, Maui.

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Catch of the Day

Bird Bath

Front Runner


Cross Walk


Cat and Girl