Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins


Anthony Hopkins

One of the most dynamic personalities of the last 40 years, the Academy Award winning actor, musical composer and artist of distinction – Sir Anthony Hopkins, brings his incredible artistic talent to Harte International Galleries.

Forging his own path and rejecting the influence of others who have come before, Hopkins brings his own potent energy to the canvas. In a stroke of unique process, he brings memories of people, places and events to life in colorful images unlike any work you will have seen before. Unafraid, unfettered and fearlessly he creates the faces and places that have been a part of an incredible life. Who is it that has been where he has been, met the people he has met or even actually been inside the minds of the living characters he has played.

Sir Anthony Hopkins moves ahead, destined to be one of the great innovative masters of our time.

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Aloha Nui Loa

Ballet On The Moon




Malibu Sunset


Opera Ball


Steel Workers

Sunset in Vegas

The Hopkins Family

Tony Self Portrait