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Anthony Quinn was an amazing man of destiny.  He was an Academy Award winning actor, a writer, an amateur architect, a self taught historian and a painter and sculptor of immense talent. All throughout his adult life he spoke of dreams and apparitions that followed him.  He wrote of these experiences in depth. Today, years after his death, we find that these dreams may have been precognitive and that he actually painted those visions. Discovered in the last few years are paintings that are hard to explain – paintings of events and people that he never saw in his own lifetime. Among these works is a painting that depicts the events of 9/11 as if Anthony Quinn took the headlines and images of the day and put them on canvas.  But how could this be?  He died 3 months before these events had even occurred. The science of precognitive dreams explains Anthony Quinn’s special talent in a logical, reasonable and coherent way, supported by experiments and by documented data. This is the story of the discovery of the precognitive paintings of Anthony Quinn and the history of the man that created these impossible works – as it related to the science that even makes it possible. You will see the genius of this great man as never before.  You will read his own words as he describes events that remained in his future and you will see the paintings he created with his own hand. His work demonstrates as no other artist in history, the potential of the surrealist movement and you may come to believe, as the author, that Anthony Quinn may have created one of the most remarkable paintings of all time. Discover for yourself the art of Anthony Quinn and see his genius and his special talent, like never before. GLENN HARTE has been the agent for hundreds of artists around the world and has been the agent for the art of Anthony Quinn since 2003.

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