For more than three decades, art collectors traveling to Maui have sought after and procured the stark creations of Lowell Mapes.

The soft spoken artist with an unyielding, powerful palette. The humble master of contrast, who’s creations invite the viewer to come sit in the shade of an antique tropical landscape and enjoy the breeze of the tradewinds. His paintings reflect the timeless dignity of traditional island lifestyles as they are expressed in the local architecture.

Trained under the prominent New York painter Peter Hayward, and Parisian trained illustrator, Frank Vansteen, Lowell traveled as pleinair painter throughout Europe. Since arriving in Hawaii forty years ago, he’s captured the island through masterful compositions managing to preserve Maui "one painting at a time".

This is the largest original work Lowell has ever created for us!! Making this piece a truly unique find for Mapes Collectors abroad.

Call us today to secure this amazing creation by one of Maui's most prized artists! 

Framed Dimensions 45 x 69
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Lowell Mapes
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