Virgin & Child with the Cat and Snake

Virgin and Child with the Cat and Snake is a quiet homely scene of Jesus’s infancy. Pictured at the center of this work as a baby, Jesus is cradled by his adoring mother; the Virgin Mary. Although Rembrandt has illuminated her by a halo, Mary sits humbly on the ground and is preoccupied with fulfilling her protective motherly responsibilities. She righteously tramples the serpent-satan under her foot. To her right, her husband Joseph watches his family by peering through a window.

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Title: Virgin & Child with the Cat and Snake
Year: c. 1654
Reference: Bartsch 63
Medium: Etching on laid paper
Image Size: 3 3/4 x 5 3/4 inches
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Edition: Probably a c. 1800 impression
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Item # 5304
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