Tristan & Isolde – Sold

In Tristan and Isolde, Dali visited the classic twelfth century romantic tragedy known under the same title. The story is a heavy tale, as it centers on the adulterous love affair between the Irish princess Isolde and the Cornish knight Tristan. Due to their romance, Tristan tragically meets his untimely death, and the star-crossed lovers are never united. Recalling the doomed love story in this print, Dali stood two small figures on opposite sides of a shimmering gold cup. The cup, a symbol of emotional fulfillment and joy, separates the couple, who wander alone on a desolate landscape. Dali filled the landscape with strangely long shadows and bizarre objects to create one of his trademark surreal and dream-like settings.

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Title: Tristan & Isolde – Sold
Year: 1972
Reference: Field 1972-9
Medium: Lithography on Rowlux
Image Size: 25 x 25 inches
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Edition: Signed in the matrix & numbered from the edition of 500
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Item # 5304
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