Tribe of Reuben

From Dali’s suite The Twelve Tribes of Israel, this etching symbolizes the Tribe of Reuben by capturing an important moment in the life of the founder of the tribe. Here, Dali envisioned Reuben crossing a vast open plane. He hands a mandrake flower to his mother, Leah. Leah excitedly rushes towards him, because she is desperate to become pregnant again. She believes the mandrake flower will help her due to its fertility properties. Capturing the mandrake’s mystical powers, Dali rendered it as a magnificent, large, and beautifully blooming flower. Dali’s touching scene foreshadows the coming biblical events, as Leah will now conceive of her son Issachar, a great biblical patriarch who will found one of the Tribes of Israel.

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Title: Tribe of Reuben
Year: 1972
Reference: Field 72-6B
Medium: Etching with color by stencil
Image Size: 19 1/2 x 14 5/8 inches
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Edition: Hand signed in pencil & numbered from the edition of 195
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Item # 5304
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