Triangular Face

Matisse’s charming etching, Triangular Face, Appearing in the Shape of a Volute captures a young and beautiful woman who coyly and enigmatically smiles at the viewer. Matisse encapsulates her graceful essence with a few luscious and lyrical lines, which dance on the page like visual poetry.

This well-known etching appears in the exhibition catalogue Henri Matisse: Graveurs et Lithographies, which identified the woman as Matisse’s model and studio assistant Annelies Nelck. Nelck met Matisse after she graduated from the Fine Art University in Amsterdam. She had saught out his help in 1943 when it was difficult to make your way as an artist due to the war. Over the coming years, Matisse would paint her in the masterpiece Jeune fille aux anémones sur fond violet, and she would help Matisse create his large and famous cut-outs towards the end of his life.

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Title: Triangular Face
Reference: Duthuit 301
Medium: Etching on Arches
Image Size: 5 7/8 x 3 7/8 inches
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Edition: Estate stamped and numbered from the edition of 25
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Item # 5304
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