Tauromachie de Dali (#2)

Symbolic of Spain’s heritage and a national tradition, the bullfight has inspired many Spanish artists. Influential artists such as Picasso, Miro, and Goya have represented the enigma of the bullfight in their work. The great Spanish master Salvador Dali was no exception to this tradition, as he represented the bullfight in the 1966 lithographic suite entitled Tauromachie de Dali.
From this famed suite of five works, this lithograph was based on a painting executed by Dali. In the series, Dali rendered the dramatic bullfight using quickly sketched black lines with washes of highlights in vibrant red. The bold color highlights the unfolding and dramatic narrative, as he captured the fury of the bull as he grazes by the side of the Matador holding his magenta capote (cape). A powerful and dramatic work by the Spanish master Salvador Dali, it is also an excellent rendition of this famed Spanish pastime.

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Title: Tauromachie de Dali (#2)
Year: 1966
Reference: Field 66-1-2
Medium: Color lithography on BFK Rives
Image Size: 54.5 x 43.5 cm
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Edition: Hand signed in pencil & numbered from the edition of 300
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Item # 5304
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