Self Portrait Drawing at a Window – Sold

Through a series of nearly one hundred self-portraits etched, painted, and drawn over a forty year period, Rembrandt van Rijn created a unique visual autobiography, chronicling his life in his artwork. Among these famed works, Self Portrait Drawing at a Window captures Rembrandt in 1648 (around the age of forty-two) as a thoughtful professional artist. He peers out at the viewer with a determined and serious expression, and he wears a modest painter’s coat and narrow brimmed hat.

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Title: Self Portrait Drawing at a Window – Sold
Year: 1648
Reference: Bartsch 22
Medium: Etching with drypoint
Image Size: 6 1/4 x 5 1/8 inches
Framed Size:
Edition: Signed and dated in the plate, probably an early 19th century impression
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Item # 5304
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