Presidiari – Sold

A strange, ethereal creature reveals himself against a red checkered cloth. The cloth support enhances the scene, for Miro sprayed gorgeous hues of blue and orange ink, and he fervently painted an enigmatic black creature. Miro’s critter is unkempt, wild, and uncivilized, and he stares at us with a big, beautiful eye. He floats in front of a twinkling star and a shimmering galaxy. Miro’s fanciful lithograph feeds our imagination and explains why Miro is one of the most beloved artists of the twentieth century.

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Title: Presidiari – Sold
Year: 1969
Reference: Maeght No. 594
Medium: Color Lithography printed on cloth pasted against Mandeure chiffon
Image Size: 32 ¼ x 23 3/4
Framed Size:
Edition: From the signed and numbered edition of 75
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Item # 5304
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