Presentation in the Temple

In The Presentation in the Temple, Rembrandt envisions the Christ child brought to the house of the Lord for the first time, as described in the Gospel of Luke. In accordance with the Law of Moses, Mary has come for purification and to present her firstborn son. She is received by the wise and blessed Saint Simeon who holds the child. He hymns a song of praise which begins with, “My eyes have seen your salvation…”. Approaching this gathering, the prophetess Anna comes, as she is blessed with the Holy Spirit, and she recognizes Jesus’s divine and sacred role. This entire scene unfolds in front of a complicated crowd of onlookers and in a dimly lit but majestic temple.

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Title: Presentation in the Temple
Year: c. 1639
Reference: Bartsch 49
Medium: Etching with drypoint on laid paper
Image Size: 21 x 23 cm
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Edition: Probably a 19th or early 20th century impression
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Item # 5304
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