La Tauromaquia, Pl 10

Francisco Goya’s famed, epic 1816 masterpiece La Tauromaquia, celebrates Spanish bullfighting. Goya had been a long time enthusiast of the sport; attending fights in Saragossa. Applying his impressions of the sweeping corridas and the captivating life and death struggle, Goya often focused on the heroic and daring confrontation between a loan matador or picador and the bull in these works. He also immortalized famous bullfighters, recalled the history of bullfighting among the aristocracy, and traced the origin of the fights back to the Moorish conquest of Spain in the eighth century. As Goya recalled, for over a millennium, bullfighting has been an enduring part of Spanish culture and an important national pastime.

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Title: La Tauromaquia, Pl 10
Year: 1816
Medium: Etching in dark sepia ink on Arches watermarked paper
Image Size: 25 x 35 cm
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Edition: Published in 1876 in the 3rd edition
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Item # 5304
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